The Signals


My signals to sleep late and wake up early almost on a daily basis is an extraordinary happening.Sleeping Koala

During the day, when my head aches, it is time to take a long or power nap, depending on the severity of my headaches. The time to take after-dinner snacks can be long or short. The length of time use for snacking is a sign of ill-discipline or habit for emotional-eating. The degree on binge-eating indicates the tiredness my body no longer can shoulder. When I cannot stop snacking, all systems like lack of rational thinking and behavioral conditioning, will be on an orange alert warning-danger. Yes, I have a Danger Warning System in place.

Waking up has been one of my forte. I have this incredibly strange bio-clock that wakes me up, never on time, but 15-20 minutes earlier. At worst timings, I will be up one hour earlier than the real, tangible alarm clock. When there is a need to overwork, coffee usually after 1400 hours tends to be the bio-clock booster. I would get into a deep and restful sleep for less than four hours, and will be awake and alert to do whatever needed to be done as the deadline draws nearer.

With these efficient yet ‘unhealthy’ signals, my physical health has been compromised. What to do then?

For catching my anti-sleep bug in the late and later evening, ideally I would be rational and discipline to do so, that is to get onto bed and sleep. Unfortunately, my snacking bugs would urge me to continue eating when my brain system encountered misfires of go-to-sleep-messages. To counter it, I have discovered that drinking milk or ginger tea at this late hour has quite a success rate. These two beverages seem to be able to send no-more-snacks signals to the messenger-system network of my mind.

Sadly but not so, my bio-clock is somewhat a fStress Headacheavourable lifestyle I have no earnest intention to do it away. Should I feel under-performing for the day, I will take a long nap, one hour or so of power-charge, sufficiently boost my energy level to the much awaited sleep in the night. In this way, my schedule will not be in a hay-wired mess because of lack of sleep. Unfortunately, I have not identified the early-warning signals for my headaches. I was told that we do have signs to pre-empt us when a headache is brewing.

Signals are one of the necessities in being an efficient and happy being. Without respect for it nor ignoring its presence is detrimental to one’s health. To know your body signals is inevitable, so that you and I can achieve well-being, and ultimately our life goals.

So what are your signals? Do you know you can own a body and mind signal system?

Do feel free to leave a comment for this topic. I am open to discussions. Should you want some help to discover your signals, let me know and I can work it out with you.

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