If It Is To Be …

It happened recently.

I am relieved. Past happenings make more sense to me now.

Suggestive bipolar disorder is the diagnosis. It is often mistaken as major depression (MD). Doctors often misdiagnose. I lived with MD for the past nine years. It has been a vicious ride. Be it unlucky or fortunate, I am ‘labeled’ with bipolar few month ago.

“If IT is to be, IT is up to me” a quote by William H. Johnsen could not be more apt. Willingly I accept the diagnosis. No denial nor shock. Rather it has been reassuring as many past events become self-explanatory. If it is to be bipolar, I concur.

It is up to me to take charge in my recovery from Bipolar Disorder. I assume responsibility to get well and carry out daily activities. I am committed to taking my medications faithfully.. Yes, no skipping it with excuses like social drinks or “I forgot to take my meds.” I turn up for all Doctor’s appointments, saying no to “I don’t feel like going out” or “I can’t think with my low mood.”

To sum up … Let go. Accept. Take charge. Be accountable.  Autonomy

Nine years of wrongful medical care, the time wasted, I let it go.
The new diagnosis, I accept it.
To get well, I take charge.
My new identity as a person with bipolar disorder, I assume ownership





10 thoughts on “If It Is To Be …

  1. Hey awesome view point on this topic!
    I was diagnosed with BPD years ago, and REFUSED to take the prescription drugs
    they tried shoving down my throat.
    Instead, I found a healthy, natural alternative way to deal with BPD
    Including consuming omega 3’s , exercise and the one that helped the most was
    mindful meditation.

    Bi-polar disorder stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain,
    this is where omega 3 comes in,
    it has been known to help aid in healthy brain function .

    Exercise helps our mind, body and soul. Naturally releasing natural “feel good” chemicals throughout the body.

    Personally, Meditation helped the most , being able to stop my thought patterns as soon as I felt a negative thought pattern coming along.
    Thank you for this post I’m book marking your site, good luck on your journey, it really is up to us 🙂

    1. Thank you for your suggestion and your support
      I am considering the supplement Omega 3 as I’ve heard of its benefits.
      And yes, exercises is good for us.
      I’ve tried meditation in my younger days but I find it challenging to meditate as I grow older.
      My best wishes to you.

  2. I was not sure about this disease, till I read our article. It is really sad to know that few people suffer from such shift in moods and had hard time doing day today activities. Your article shows insights to it and possible solutions..

  3. Great article Cheng, great writing. I think you did a fantastic job and I wish you the best of luck. I am unfamiliar with Bipolar. Would love to know more.

  4. Hi Cheng,

    Very positive message. Good for you my friend. I hope all works out well for you. The articles is right on time for me as my 17 year old daughter has been diagnosed with depression/anxiety.

    I will question her doctors to be sure they have it right.


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