Beating Bipolar – “The Live We Live & The Life We Choose To Live”

Blake LeVine rise above his mental illness and write the book, Beating Bipolar, it is about practical and tested strategies to manage Bipolar Disorder. With his shared experiences, he could relate to and encourage ‘mentally handicapped’ adults to pursue a life that many do not see it as possible.

LeVine, an Author, Life coach, Documentary Filmmaker (Rap Therapy), and as a Therapist, has been in private practice for many years.Blake LeVine's Beating Bipolar

  • Title Beating Bipolar

  • Author Blake LeVine

  • Place & Publisher USA, Hay House, Inc.

  • Publication date 2012 November

  • Edition & Pages (pp) First & pp186

  • Special features NIL

  • Price US$14.52 (Paperback), US$9.99 (Kindle) (Amazon)

  • ISBN 978-1-4019-3951-9

Beating Bipolar Overview

The book Beating Bipolar is intended to be a teaching tool for individuals with Bipolar; it is a compilation of experiences and what the author has learned. LeVine is willing to share, to help people with Bipolar Disorder to manage its symptoms and to reach one’s highest potential. He earnestly hopes that patients boldly accept the diagnosis and its challenges to recovery. With acceptance and being in the right treatment, patients will move forward with purpose and enthusiasm.

Who can control Bipolar?

Are individuals with Bipolar dangerous to the society?
Should not they be locked away or permanently hospitalized?
Should not they just suffer the deteriorating mental illness silently and ill-fatefully?
The author’s line of reasoning to these questions is Self. With Bipolar, individuals who receive treatments are able to control the chronic illness, without limiting to living a life with a job and/or career, loving family and friends.

Afterword: Into The Light, Revisited

LeVine has a heart for people; his illness has bring on his resolution to illuminate others with Bipolar to face their illness squarely and courageously. He cherish his chance in living a life fully – a life with a job, family, friends and life fulfillment. He strongly believes that individuals with Bipolar have control over their chronic illness; they can and are able to manage, and more importantly, overcome the conditions. He encourages everyone with Bipolar to keep learning more about the illness; the knowledge allows us to be aware and proactive in self-care. He reiterates the notion that on the path of recovery, good things can happen. He has instilled confidence to his readers to transform the darkness of mental illness into light.

He hopes that his book, Beating Bipolar serves as a resource and guideline to create strategical plans for treatment, maintenance, and stabilization phases of a recovery process. Also, it can be used as an advice-dispenser to initiate a support system group and a navigational tool to befriend or re-connect with old and new friends. Should you fear of getting well and the possibility of achieving success, Beating Bipolar provides inspirational anecdotes. Importantly, LeVine hopes that individuals with Bipolar have a deeper understanding to the personal responsibility adhered to coping and managing the chronic illness.

I thoroughly …

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beating Bipolar. As a patient in the treatment phase, I am profoundly encouraged by LeVine. My first reading gives me an idea of what he had been through, and how he believed in patients like me can lead a reasonably contented life. The second reading allows me to logically understand his perspectives and objectives in sharing his experience with Bipolar Disorder. His standpoint is inline with my inklings, medication treatment is inevitable for most of the patients with Bipolar Disorder; psychotherapy or talk therapy is essential to go hand-in-hand with medication. Life tools is a must-have-it for operational or functional activities on a daily basis.

With these basic treatment approach, the next reasonable aspect to be a mentally healthy individual is relationships; any relationships deteriorate whenever Bipolar illness takes control. Building and rebuilding the new or old connections with people around Bipolar patients is an uphill, and can be a demoralizing course in life. LeVine has included the ways to establish a support group or network, and the systematically how-to connect and reconnect with new and old friends.

“Wherever You Are On the Road to Recovery, I Hope Is Becoming Clear to You”

LeVine concluded Beating Bipolar on clarity and compassion. Knowing my past hurts and wounds as well as fond memories, he approach the past with compassion, embracing the Self. Gently, he prod me to open up my mind to new ways of thinking, and patiently, he encourages me to be brave and just go for it. He acknowledges and reminds me to cherish my inner circle of support – family and/or friends. Finally, he gives me many sign-posts, letting me know what the cues are when I am on the road to stability and recovery.

Final Note

I am thankful to Blake LeVine for his book, Beating Bipolar.