My Load

Heavy Load

My Load is a burden, and I have been carrying it since 2016. I need to unload it regardless.

The Load is thirty percent more than my ideal weight. Yes, Load is the term I used for being overweight. I percieve load as a matter that can be thrown away, weight sounds absolute.

To my dislike, weight gain is one of the many side effects of Bipolar medications.

As excess fat and Bipolar have become inseparable, an inevitable development in my journey, I am determined to reduce my Load.

Why bother to reduce my Load?

  • I am unable to visualize being obsese, so for asethetic reason, 30 percent of excess fat must go.

  • I become less agile, more clumsy. Again I am unable to visualize aging gracefully while being fat.

  • I equate good health to lean body – poor health to overweight.

In the nutshell, I believe my Health is an Investment not an Expense but if I don’t invest in it, it will become an expense. And usually this type of expense is costly and least happy.

How do I go about it … Holistic way

I am not into quick fixes. I prefer reducing my Load in a healthy and happy manner. Similar to managing Bipolar, weight can be managed effectively and I like to approach weight management in a holistic way. So I like the concept of Weight Management.

Stay tune to this page, I’ll share more about my ups and downs on my Load Reduction Journey.