About Cheng

Train tracks and Me


I am Cheng.


  • have been alive for four decades and more

  • aspire to be a Writer, a patient Care-giver, a trusted affiliate marketer

  • like to laugh, brisk walk, swim, cycle, play Farmville

I am learning …

  • to ask “How now?”

  • to be a successful affiliate marketer

  • to enjoy growth and betterment

And I need …

  • Clarity & Knowledge
  • Courage & Perseverance
  • Awareness and Understanding

In this virtual-scape, I do two things to meet my needs. I blog about my journey in managing Bipolar Disorder as well as the journey of being an affiliate marketer. I view the journeys as learning paths, by sharing and being forthcoming via this platform, I hope to become a better person.

The becoming involves embracing life with enthusiasm, trust and faith, doing good and adding value to the community. It is a lifelong lesson… “Live and Learn; It’s never too old to learn,” as Confucius said, 子曰:“活到老,学到老”.