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Here is the virtual-scape where I blog, Blogging is a fun and challenging journey. Research on the topic-of-interest is essential and enlightening. Writing and sharing online is a cathartic experience, though can be daunting at times. How so? I will always think what is the message I want to convey. Is my sharing helpful in some ways? Am I encouraging positivity?

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the odds and ends of my blogging journey and my coping with Bipolar disorder.

Here I shall greet you with some quotes, Living with Bipolar: Aptly descriptive and humorous
Manic Depression
Source: Copyright (c) 1999 – 2009, HealthyPlace.com, Inc. All rights reserved

“One of things so bad about depression and bipolar disorder is that if you don’t have prior awareness, you don’t have any idea what hit you.”
By Kay Redfield Jamison, author of An Unquiet Mind: Picador Classic.

“Bipolar people are easy. If you do not like their mood now, wait a few minutes and it will change.”
By JesseNeo.com

“You are either too happy, too sad or you just don’t care. Finding the feelings in the middle do not come naturally. You have to fight every day to find them.”
Source: Copyright (c) 1999 – 2009, HealthyPlace.com, Inc. All rights reserved

“When you are happy, you enjoy the music. But, when you are sad, you understand the lyrics.” Source: pinterest.com


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  1. Roope

    Mental health disorders have always fascinated me. It’s so interesting what happens between our ears. Our mind defines our whole life.

    The more and more I analyze life and minds I begin to see how much we can affect our own minds. Certain actions make us happier and certain actions make us more sad. For example filling our minds with negative thoughts and music is bad but on the contrary positive music and healthy food make our mind healthier. Some people say it’s too simple to be true but that’s how human people work.. What do you think?

    1. admin

      Hello Roope, Thank you for your comments and reading my blog.

      I think nutrition and music plays a role in having a healthy lifestyle. My past relapses have convinced me that I need medication and psychotherapy, so that in my ‘normal mood range’ I can have a constructive and healthy lifestyle.

  2. troy

    Man this is a very dramatic post, it was almost to depressing to read but some how I got through it meaning the information in your post. I hope those that suffer from this disorder or feel that they may be suffering from this disorder get the medical attention necessary to overcome these mood swings. My question is what causes people to act like this? is it really a mental disorder or is it just someone who lacks attention?

    1. admin

      Hello Troy, Thank you your comments and your effort for reading my blog.

      There is no single cause of bipolar disorder. Most scientist agree that multi-factors act together to bring about the illness. Some of these factors are abnormal brain structure and function, and/or genetic predisposition. For my case, bipolar seems not run in my family, so I take it that something is lacking in my brain function.

      I doubt bipolar disorder is a behavioural issue for people who lacks attention. Personally I have struggled to accept it as a brain disorder (or as you name it mental disorder). My past relapses have convinced me that it is a physical illness like diabetes.

  3. Michael Kenny

    Hi. I suffered from bipolar or deep depression since a young age, but didn;t know what was wrong with me until much later, I did have suicidal tendencies but what kept me alive was my family and loved ones so I imagined how they would suffer when I was gone so I didn’t want them to suffer even though I suffered inside, I look at it now as life is too short and things will get better. affirmations’.That worked for me and still do to this day, it was the negative thoughts and avoiding certain situations that brought me down, now I take life as it comes and be myself, literally I don’t care what people think except my love ones.

    1. Cheng

      Hello Michael
      Thank you for sharing what you had been through. Suicidal tendencies are detestable ordeals. Like you, I had my family to think of when I reached that point. I am happy for you that you have recognised your triggers and found the positive affirmations that work for you. Negative thoughts in our mind are like seeds that can grow into weeds in one’s garden. Let’s counter our negative thoughts and let them grow into flowers instead.
      My best wishes to your well-being
      Kind regards,

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